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We proud to announce that "Deadman's Curse Story 1: Mary Mary", a Graphic Novel by Sakura Allison has arrived and ready for sale in our online store.

Hebe has lost everything that was once dear to him while he was alive: his wife, his memory and his life. With only a vague and quickly fading recollection of having made a deal with Death and Decay, he is set on a journey to unfold the mystery hidden by his afterlife. His only companion, a fox named Jix.

This tale takes place in a Victorian horror version of a landscape gripped by death’s domain, the first in a continuing series

 Deadman's Curse Story 1: Mary Mary

We have uploaded some new images for our graphic novel Deadman's Curse.

Head over to the Gallery Page to view the latest.


Latest images available to view

Made this image some time ago, it's not quite there yet so today's task is to fix it and get it ready for the cover
The editing for the graphic novel is now done so it won't be long before it will be sent off to see how it looks in print.


 Cover Image Notes

Hi Everyone,
We are happy to announce that we have opened up our online shop =>
To start us off we have the Deadman's Curse 2015 Calendar, Jix the Fox Mug, Hebe Mug and Cat Salute's Horns T-shirt on offer. Drop by and have a look and if you know someone who might be interested please feel free to pass the link on.

  Jix the Fox Mug (440 ml / 15 oz) Hebe Mug (440 ml / 15 oz)

Deadman's Curse Calendar 2015 Cat Salute - Horns TShirt